The best way to wear your beard according to your face shape?

For the lucky few of us, who came out of Movember with a fully formed lip tickler, there are as many again who decided that a fully formed beard was the way to go. With this in mind, with the coming of 2021, what is the best way to wear your beard according to your face shape?

Square Face

If you have a square face, you’re looking to ensure your face is less box-like. Growing a light beard is central here while ensuring it is backed up with an adequate hairstyle.

To get this look, simply grow your hair for a couple of weeks and then trim with a beard trimmer to a short length. This is a fairly easily manageable beard, but suitable for the vast number of men with more angular heads.

Oval Faces

If you have an oval or rectangular face, your shape tends to be quite slender with angles. Beards are great for people with this shape of the face as they balance out these features.

Beards tend to balance features out by appearing to shorten the length of your face, creating a more oval impression.

The shadow is ideal for this shape of a face, as longer beards will accentuate the length of the head.

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Round Faces

Those with rounder faces may often feel less masculine looking. Beards can create a feeling of more masculinity and create a more angled appearance. Avoiding strong sideburns, and styles are perfect here as otherwise, you run the risk of your features being overlooked.

Circular beards are perfect here around the mouth, with a continuing line up the jawline. This gives the impression of stronger features. Grow your hair to a length and then get a barber to cut a sharp jawline, this will then be easy to keep with a clipper.

Regular shaving is a must as you will hope for your line to stand out from the rest of the face to achieve a sharp look.

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Triangular Faces

Those with triangular-shaped faces often have sharp chins. Full beards allow them to look more masculine. Keeping and unkempt style, as much of an oxymoron as that is, is ideal for these people and ensures a masculine jawline and takes the sharpness out of the chin.

Grow your hair long and shave around the chin and top of the cheek areas for the best effect.

Beard according to your face shape
Beard according to your face shape

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