College Outfits For Boys | 45+ Outfits | 2020

College is the place where you can wear anything that you want. After finishing your school you entering college without any fashion sense because you are not able to do it in school life. But I am here to improve your fashion sense so don’t worry. You have to do is read this full article on college outfits without any delay.

I know when you are in college then your budget is low so here I have all the solutions, so read this full article.

Improve your college fashion sense

When you talk about fashion then fitting comes first. No matter how much costly your clothes but they are not fitting then you look bad in those clothes.

When you buy clothing then make sure to check their fitting. If you are not able to find well-fitted clothes then find any tailor and fit your clothes.

Make sure to fit your pant narrow and ankle length. It looks really cool and fashionable. After many tries, you are able to understand your fitting.

I suggest you see the images of models and try to understand how their clothes are fitted and how can you improve the fitting of your clothes.

After fitting, now turn of color combination. After fitting the second important thing is color matching. You have to understand which bottom wear to match this or that t-shirt or shirt.

Don’t worry about that because I give you a simple way to do that. And that is exploring images of models on Pinterest and Instagram.

Improve your fashion sense
Improve your fashion sense about college outfits

When you do that then slowly-slowly you are able to understand the color matching game. I also suggest you some color combination in the next topic so keep reading.

When you understand the fitting and matching game then your fashion game is improved now you have to focus on shoes and accessories.

I highly recommend you to add black and white shoes first in your collection. If you can’t afford both shoes then you can go for white shoes because it is trendy and fashionable so buy that one first.

Every possible outfit with white shoes and red shoes- 2020 (more than 100 outfits)

After white and black shoes, you can go for brown boots or red shoes. I suggest you go for brown boots because in red shoes there are not enough outfits. If you can afford it then you can buy red shoes because it gives you very attractive and fashionable look.

Importance of shoes
Importance of shoes in college outfits

I also suggest you, buy brown formal shoes because you can wear them on the formal function of your college.

33 best men’s outfit with brown boots and shoes- 2020

After shoes, you have to focus on your accessories because it plays a very important role to enhance your look.

In accessories, first, you have to add watch. If you haven’t it or you want to buy a new one then I recommend you to buy a metal chain black or normal colored watch.

Because it is very versatile, you can carry it with formal and casual looks. If you have that one and it is a really good one then your next watch will be black or brown lather strep watch.

After that you can go for caps and other accessories if you are comfortable.

So that’s it for improve your fashion game. Now, let’s talk about some college outfits.

Different College Outfits

There are many different college outfits, you can wear jeans with t-shirts but Layering is the best way to change your whole style game.

Before any college outfits suggestion, I would like to give you some basic rules of layering,

Basic rules of layering

When you layering a shirt with a t-shirt then make sure the matching color, If your base color is dark then your shirt is light or dark but don’t wear both light colors because it does not look good. There are many outfits that you can match two light colors but why you should take a risk so don’t wear it.

Basic rules of layering
Basic rules of layering in college outfits

Next is, don’t wear both printed clothes. When your t-shirt is printed then wear a shirt without any design and make sure that your whole shirt is one colored. If your shirt is printed then wear a simple one-colored t-shirt. You can wear both simple one colored clothes but not both printed.

Make sure that your t shirt is long than shirt when you layering shirt.

In layering, I suggest you wear simple one colored t-shirts. I also recommend you to wear black, white, navy blue, brown, dark green, purple, tan, maroon and grey colored t-shirts.

Another one is fitting, not only for layering, when you wear well-fitted clothes then your look is amazing.

One thing that you have to keep in mind is when you wear a shirt then always roll up your sleeves because of that your hand appears and that gives you a sexy look.

sleeves' roll up
Importance of sleeves’ roll up in college outfits

I suggest you wear grey, purple, maroon, dark blue or navy blue, sky blue, black, brown, white, and dark green colored shirts. These colors give you a very stylish look and all the colors are easy to carry.

In my opinion, you have to try the first simple one colored shirts. When you comfortable in those shirts then you can go for printed and patterned shirts.

College Outfits

Outfit 1: You can wear black jeans and a white t-shirt with a brown shirt or jacket. This is one of my favorite outfits. With this outfit, you can wear white shoes. I must recommend you to try this.

Outfit 2: You can also wear denim jeans jacket and white t-shirt with black bottom wear. With this outfit, you can wear white shoes. It looks so sexy and it gives you manly look.

Outfit 3: You can wear a grey t-shirt and a black shirt or jacket with black jeans. With this outfit, you can wear white shoes. This also gives you a stylish look.

Outfit 4: You can match it like black or blue jeans and a black t-shirt with a camel-colored shirt or Jacket. You know this outfit is the best with brown boots so you must have it.

Outfit 5: You can wear dark black jeans with a white shirt or t-shirt and brown boots or white shoes, so this also looks really amazing.

1 to 5 outfits in college outfits
1 to 5 outfits in college outfits

Outfit 6: This outfit you must include in your collection and that is black jeans and a black t-shirt. This is a common outfit with red shoes but this outfit is easy to carry.

Outfit 7: You can wear red shoes with blue jeans and a white t-shirt. It gives you a casual and fancy look. You can also add a red cap with this outfit.

Outfit 8: If you have a white shirt or t-shirt then you can match it with black, grey, and brown chinos. You can also layer it with a black jacket or shirt. With this outfit, you can wear white shoes.

Outfit 9: In my opinion, one of the best outfits is dark blue bottom wear and white shirt with white or brown shoes. This is a very amazing and fashionable outfit so you must include it in your collection.

Outfit 10: The next outfit is about hoodies. You can wear black and blue jeans and with that, you can match black, white, navy blue, brown, dark green, purple, tan, maroon and grey colored hoodies. I must recommend you to add 2-4 hoodies in your collection.

6 to 10 outfits in college outfits
6 to 10 outfits in college outfits

So there are the college outfits, you can wear whatever you want.

Formal college outfits for events

Here I give you some formal college outfits ideas with brown and black shoes.

  • You can wear normal black pants with a grey shirt and also add a brown belt because it looks really amazing.
  • You can wear silver or grey pants with a white shirt and must include a brown belt so it looks really cool.
  • You can wear tan pants with a white shirt with a brown belt and this is really good for any formal get to gather outside the workplace.
  • You can wear dark blue pants and a white shirt with a brown belt. This is really amazing for any type of formal function or any event.
  • You can wear grey colored pant with sky blue shirt with brown belt.
Formal college outfits for events
Formal college outfits for events

Remember one thing that you should always wear a brown belt with brown shoes if you create a formal look. And also add brown or black formal watches because these small things enhance your look.

These accessories give you a classy look and you can pull up your outfit also. So you must have to add some accessories.

Low budget college outfits

If you have a low budget and you not afford that many cloths then I suggest you something to buy first.

If you have a low budget then buy blue jeans, black jeans, and tan chinos for bottom wear. For upper wear, you can buy a white, black, maroon t-shirt and black and dark blue shirt with a metal chain watch. That’s it now you can make 13 different outfits.

Low Budget Outfits
Low Budget College Outfits

I think that’s it for white shoes. I covered most of every outfit that you can wear white shoes and all the outfits are look amazing on you.

Just remember one thing that, “You are Awesome“.


So here I show you every possible outfit with different types of Shoes for college. Here I explain how to dress and which color you should match with different college outfits.

You can also match any outfit with other shoes but you have to only match colors and you are good to go.

I also give you low budget’s ideas so everyone can afford them.

Here I give you those college outfits that you can buy from your nearby shop or any online platform. So go and make your collection.

I think this is a complete article about College outfits. If you are satisfied with it then let me know in the comment box and please share this article with your friends.



Q1: I am invited in a meeting with VIPs. What should I wear?

It is simple, these invitations come with a dress code, but most people make mistake like they overdress in those functions. Keep your look simple and, above all, you have to be at ease and feel comfortable. Do not wear new shoes that will kill you. Keep your hair, nails, and grooming immaculate.

Q2: What color suit should males wear?

If you have any professional meetings or an interview then you can wear navy blue or grey suit. These colors give you, formal and gentleman vibes. You also add a belt, socks, and shoes of any matching color but you can also choose black for them.

Q3: What are appropriate shoes for males in formal outfit?

If you want only one suggestion then Black, lace-up dress shoes are best. And make sure that the belt, socks, and shoes should match.

Q4: I have a beer belly and would like to make it less obvious. Do you have any advice?

Yes, you should not tuck in your shirt. Because tucking in your shirt will show your belly and you don’t want it so try layering your clothes and don’t tuck in your shirt. And most important is to start workout and exercise. And you should also change your diet so you can lose your weight and also fat.

Q5: I can’t afford a new outfit, but I can afford to buy something. What should it be?

A new pair of shoes, because it enhances your outfit very well and gives you a new look also. So I must recommend you to buy new shoes. You can go for white, brown, black or red shoes but I recommend white shoes and if you have it then go for brown boots it looks really stylish so you have to add these brown boots in your collection.

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