Are you going to the gym to justify your looks?

Have you ever watched another exercise?

Most lift a couple of weights without making a face. Some even talk while doing their repetitions, and when they have completed their repetitions, not a single drop of sweat can be seen on their foreheads.

Still, others sit on “bicycles” and leaf through a gossip magazine, bored.

I hope you are not that kind of person because in a month, year, or decade these very individuals will still look the same, if not worse.

For me, such people are so-called “wannabe lifestylers” who go into fitness for the following reasons:

Why they go to the Gym?

  • To soothe the guilty conscience
  • To be able to say they are going to a fitness
  • To justify their looks
  • To excuse their (secret) feeding orgies
  • To be seen there
Fitness takes place in the head
(Image: Fitness takes place in the head)

Yes, I’m going to court tough with you here, but you might as well stay at home and sit down in front of the telly with a bag of chips. The fitness centers live on those people.

The Pareto principle or the 80/20 rule also applies here. 80% of the people don’t get ahead, the remaining 20% ​​do. One could also interpret it to mean that 20% of the people perform 80% of the work.

Do you also belong to the 20%?

Fitness is much more than physical exertion and a balance for everyday life.

As soon as you get an uncomfortable feeling, let your body tell you to stop. In this case, the body directs the brain, precisely where the alpha animals differ from the herd.

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Fitness takes place in the head

The alpha animal (me and you) tells its body where to go. The brain controls the body, and as long as your head is not separated from your body, you also have total control over it.

Pain, burning, and trembling is the boundary between the men (women) and the guys (girls). By pain, I mean the uncomfortable burning sensation in the muscles and not joint pain. If you experience joint pain while doing an exercise, stop immediately!

The burning or trembling should be the indicator for the “point of no return,” so there is no turning back. As soon as your body wants to lead you behind the light so that you stop, you activate the “killer mode.”

This means that you now give full throttle again until you can no longer perform any movement. Don’t think about afterward what kind of exercises you have ahead of you or whether you still need to go to the bathroom. Concentrate fully on the moment, on the movement, on the muscle contraction.

It is very advantageous if you still have a training partner who can help you a little with the last few movements to get everything out of yourself, and no accidents happen, such as when you bench press.

But you can also do it alone. You just have to know your “over-limit” or train on devices that guarantee you the necessary security like a multi-press for bench press.

Try to build a mind-muscle connection,

Put yourself in the muscle, feel it. Even before you start the exercise, imagine how you will perform the movement and your goal.

Nothing works without goals! Please make a note of your results and try to outbid them next time. Otherwise, you will fall by the wayside.

Defeat your weaker self, show him who the boss is and where to go.

Kill it.

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