4 Schoolboy Grooming Mistakes No Man Should Make- 2020

Grooming is a divisive subject. Some men regard it as an essential part of their pre-going out routine. Others see it as the first step on the path to wearing perfume. There is an important middle ground to be struck.

That’s why it’s important that whatever level of grooming to choose to invest in, you avoid making any of the following grooming mistakes.

Using too much aftershave

You’ve probably known this was a bit of a howler since you were younger and could smell your uncle Dave from across the park.

While a quick spray of the right scent is no bad thing, under no circumstances should you overdo it, lest that lady you’re trying to chat up collapses in the smog. Two or three quick, light sprays of any men’s aftershave will get the job done.

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Not taking care of your nails

Your mates don’t care about the state of your nails. Neither do your parents, probably. Your football team certainly doesn’t. The ladies, though? Oh, they care.

They care a lot. Keep those nails short, clean, and white, and everyone’s happy. Pedicures? That’s very much up to you, but probably best not to tell the aforementioned footy team.

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A little bit of fashionable stubble can be a good thing: just ask Jason Statham, Gerard Butler, David Beckham, Hugh Jackman, and a ton of other grizzled celebs. However, that’s no excuse for you spending your hours with facial growth that would require a bomb-squad to remove.

If you want to make use of that rugged look, then do yourself a favor and get a decent beard trimmer. Oh, and learn how to use it properly: otherwise, you’ll end up with some rather horrifying train track marks.

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Overdoing the hair gel

Let us get one thing straight: this is no longer the 80s, and it is not acceptable for any man to rock a hair helmet reminiscent of Darth Vader. If you need to control your mane, use lighter pastes and putties, as they’re far easier to manage than the clichéd gloppy gel.

Get a professional to show you the ropes if you’re not used to it, too: that’s what they’re for!
Ignoring the thinning thatch. If your hair is saying goodbye, the absolute worst thing you can do is to try and ignore the fact.

Repeat after me: ‘I will not attempt a comb-over’.

Fortunately, AVD (After Vin Diesel), it’s perfectly acceptable for a bloke to rock a shiny dome or at least a buzz cut.

Again, Jason Statham is a perfect example of how just showing confidence is the right way to go. Seriously, though: say no to comb-overs.

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