Gym grooming routine that every gentleman should follow- 2020

An excellent grooming routine and a great gym grooming routine are two of the most important cornerstones to looking and feeling your best.

With both, the results you get are determined mainly by the effort you put in, with consistency being key! Going to the gym is great for our bodies. However, it can put our skin & hair under increased stress with heat and sweat being a natural side effect of high-intensity exercise.

So what grooming products should make their way into our gym bags to ensure we leave the gym as fresh as we entered.

Shampoo and Conditioner

During a workout, your body is likely to sweat, and with the hair on your head acting as an insulator, this is where you will be likely to notice a high accumulation.

Whilst this is natural if left alone sweat can have a drying effect on the scalp that will do it no favours.

Try using a 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner, which will replenish the nutrients needed to create a clean and healthy environment whilst not taking up to much space in your gym bag.

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Oil controlling face wash

Similarly to your hair, you will not want to let sweat sit on your face for any prolonged period as dirt and impurities that have built up in your pores will be contained in this sweat which can lead to breakouts!

Gym grooming
Gym grooming


After showering and removing the grime associated with sweat, it is time to give your skin a bit of Moisturiser.

A facial moisturiser is key but remembers that it’s not just your face that needs attention, the skin on your whole body endures the same stresses and a moisturising body spray is a quick way to cover the rest of your body!

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Finally we, of course, want to smell fresh, so make sure to include a bottle of your favourite fragrance in your gym bag.


Depending on the time of day you work out and your look you may wish to add a few other products, but the above list covers all the main bases and means you won’t be lugging half your bathroom cabinet around!

Keep Grooming & Keep Gyming Gentlemen!

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