How to get the exact haircut that you want | Haircut tips- 2020

It’s a scenario many of us will know only too well you go into barbers with an image in your head of what you want and instead of walking out feeling fresh and looking your best you leave with a feeling of disappointment having not got the haircut you want.

Unfortunately, unlike a wrong outfit choice it’s not something we can instantly fix and the weeks and months it takes to grow your hair out before you can get it re-cut can be a very frustrating time!

So how do you avoid this? Here we give you some master haircut tips on how to get the haircut you want which we have listed below so that hopefully this will never be a problem again!

Remember your Barber wants you to be happy with your haircut

It is key to acknowledge that any barber worth their salt will take pride in their work and will be wanting to give you the haircut you want as much, or even more than you want it yourself.

If you feel good about yourself, they will feel good about themselves and not only will you go back to them but you will be the first to recommend them to others.

Have a chat about what you want and go into detail

Relating to point number one when asked what you want to try to go into detail and refrain from generalisations such as ‘Just tidy it up’ or ‘a little off the top’.

Don’t be afraid to bring in pictures

Bringing in photos of the sort of haircut you want is an excellent way for the Barber to see exactly what you are looking for.

However, interestingly most of the barbers also recommended showing your barber pictures of what you don’t want, particularly when it is similar to another style.

Listen to Barber’s advice

Some hair types just aren’t suited to particular styles, and no matter how talented the Barber is, some looks won’t work for you.

Listen to what your Barber has to say; they may be able to advise a similar style that works better for you. At the end of the day, if we leave the barbershop looking great, that’s a win-win for everyone.

Ask questions during the cut

If your Barber has started cutting and you are starting to feel unsure if the cut is going to be what you want, don’t be afraid to say.

It may just be the way he is cutting it, and it will all come together at the end, but either way, speak up if you are starting to worry. Again remember point number one of haircut tips.

Styling at home

Another thing that some people may experience is not being able to recreate the look your Barber achieves at home.

In the same way, it is frustrating to walk out of a barbershop unhappy, and it is equally frustrating if you have one day of great hair and four weeks in-between where you can’t get the style quite right.

This means ‘Barber’s haven’t don’t their job properly’ and a great barber will talk you through the styling process after the cut as he does it. He will also be able to recommend what products to use.

haircut tips
Haircut Tips


Overall communication with your Barber is key. Don’t be afraid to speak up and if your Barber doesn’t want to listen it’s time to find a new barber that will.

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