How Much Protein do you need per day? The Protein Myth (Revealed)

Here, in this article, you find all the required information about protein like How Much Protein needed per day, and I also discuss some myths related to protein.

The Protein Myth (Revealed)

This topic has already generated a lot of controversies. There is a widespread misconception that the human body can only absorb 30 grams of protein per meal. However, science has proven otherwise.

French scientists found that it makes no difference in absorption whether you eat your protein all at once or throughout the day.

The study groups consisted of 26-year-old women who ate 80% of their daily protein requirement at one time or over several meals. After two weeks, no differences could be found in the two test groups: the nitrogen balance, the whole-body protein turnover, the whole-body protein synthesis, and the identical protein breakdown.

How Much Protein needed per day
How Much Protein needed per day

In my opinion, it also makes no sense if the body can absorb everything else except protein. The 130 kg anabolic meatballs must somehow reach their protein turnover. If we assume around 2.5 g per kilogram of lean body mass (LMB = lean body mass) with a KFA (body fat percentage) of around 5%, that’s ~ 306 g protein during the day.

306 divided by six meals gives 51 g of protein per meal.

And 51 grams is not the same as 51 grams of meat or eggs. The protein content in our food is much smaller.

Here some examples:

  • 100g. chicken breast = 16 g protein
  • 100 g turkey breast = 23 g protein
  • 100 g tuna = 24 g protein
  • 1 egg = ~ 7 g protein

How Much Protein do you need?

Thumbs up 0.8-2.5 g protein per kilogram of LBM. But I recommend at least 2 grams.

  • 40 kg LBM = 80 g
  • 50 kg = 100 g
  • 60 kg = 120 g
  • 70 kg = 140 g
  • 80 kg = 160 g
  • 90 kg = 180 g
  • 100 kg = 200 g

Are you not building muscles?

Then write down everything you eat for a day, especially the protein, and calculate how many grams you finally ate. Mostly too little.

How Much Protein needed per day
How Much Protein needed per day

You probably think now that you just eat yourself a protein shake six times a day, and that’s it, but it’s not that simple. I would only take protein shakes after training, if at all, so that your body can be supplied with quickly available proteins and amino acids as quickly as possible.

Better to stay true to the right and natural food.

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