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The holidays are over, and like every year, it is now time to implement the right resolutions finally. Who likes to hold back when it comes to a festive meal and a good drop of wine? The big “surprise” usually comes in the New Year when you stand on the scales with reluctance, and the numbers seem to go crazy. If you can’t make it to the fitness center for reasons of time, you don’t have to put your resolutions in the sand. In this day and age, the gym comes to your home. So you have to know how to get motivated to workout at home.

Motivation tips for fitness training at home

Fitness and regular exercise are essential basic building blocks for a healthy everyday life and prevention for old age.

For those who cannot go to a fitness studio regularly because time and travel do not allow it, Don’t worry, here I give you some tips for home-workout.

But hard work and continuity are also required in your own four walls.

home workout motivation
Image: How to get motivated to workout at home

Few tips for self-motivation:

Set goals:

Think about what you want to achieve after the first month: be it weight reduction, more stamina, or the containment of minor ailments.

And where do you want to be in six months? Do you want to fit into your favorite shirt again, or do you want to participate in the city marathon?

Always tell yourself that now and in old age, your body will be very grateful to you. He will, in turn, reward you with agility and activity.

Schedule fixed times:

You now have the freedom to determine the training time yourself. The important thing is that you try to find a steady day for your training in your own home. Give it a try on Sunday afternoon – between lunch and dinner.

Get someone on board!

Only the toughest manage to train regularly in the distraction of everyday life. Do your training with a friend, with your partner, or with your child so you can get more motivation (home workout motivation)

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Look at fitness the same way you look at your job. Regarding work, you cannot say: “Oh, today I feel like going there and not for the next three days.”

So do it regularly,


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