How to Get Stronger Fast | Get Muscular Body in 3 Month – 2020

You are training your muscle hard but you don’t get the results? Do you still look the same as you did a month or even a year ago? Do you agree that it is easy to feel good while exercising? then you are in the right place. Here I am going to tell you all the tips on how to get stronger fast that help you to get an athletic and muscular body so read this full article.

Neuromuscular Response and Adjustments

Have you ever wondered why you feel stronger, i.e., put on weight or do more repetitions without gaining muscle mass?

It has to do with the fact that your body is reacting neuromuscularly to the training – don’t worry, it is not as complicated as it sounds and an important term that you should become familiar with.

A neuromuscular response means that your nerves communicate more effectively with your muscle fibers, so more fibers come into play. However, this is only half the formula.

With the second half of the formula, you’ll gain muscle mass, which of course, takes longer, usually a few weeks. Your body must first synthesize (build up) the proteins needed in muscle contraction (the active shortening of a muscle), which takes more time. I will go into more detail on the subject of muscle mass down below.

Understand that when you start “pumping” or come back from a break; that new activity sends through your nerves into your spinal cord and brain. The nerves tell the muscle to exercise and to contract (lift a weight), and the muscle will take the command like a good soldier. And you will become stronger fast.

Neuromuscular Adjustments

It is essential to understand that your brain must first tell your body what is going on before you can see new muscles grow. Unfortunately, this phase cannot skip, but the body must first make neuromuscular adjustments before real muscle growth takes place.

I think this should help if you are a beginner or are making your comeback and are starting to get impatient because you don’t see any results or new muscles yet.

This explains why you do, for example, eight reps with a certain weight and a few days later ten and a week after 12, but you still don’t see any change in the mirror. Now you know why.

Simply put, your body already has the muscle mass it needs for that particular weight. Logically, no new muscles are forming until your body needs more to move a weight.

If you are sure that you have passed the neuromuscular phase and are struggling to gain muscle mass every week, you are making really serious mistakes. Either your training program is not tailored to you, or you are not eating properly, or maybe it is also due to your lifestyle (little sleep, a lot of alcohol, etc.).

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How do you get an athletic and muscular body with progressive overload?

Do you still look the same as you did a month or even a year ago? Do you agree that it is easy to feel good while exercising? It is easy to do what is comfortable and familiar. It is tough to focus on and stay focused on top priority. What should be your top priority?

Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees. You suffer from information overload: high or low repetitions, free weights or machines, heavy or light weights, split or full-body training, compound or isolated exercises, fast or slow, endurance or not, low or high carbohydrates – you know what I mean. The world of weightlifting can be very confusing.

When you are flooded with ways to accelerate or slow your muscle growth, it makes sense to ask yourself the following question: “How do I achieve the greatest impact on the inevitable gain?”
Or simply put: “What is the best tool for muscle growth? get, which women force you to look a second time and make other guys jealous? “

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how to get stronger fast
how to get stronger fast

The history of progressive overload

I’ll tell you a story about Milo. The point is that Milo has a young calf and carries it on his shoulders once a day. The calf got bigger and bigger, and Milo carries an increasingly heavy calf until he carried a full-grown bull around one day.

Now comes my version of the story, and I want you to replace Milo with yours.

Milo was a young man who wants to become as strong as possible and “build” a body that he could be proud of. He didn’t read any bodybuilding magazines, nor was he interested in the oh-so-promising supplements.

Milo was very clever and did not allow himself to be fooled by the so-called experts’ misinformation. He wanted to grow big and strong with the simplest means available.

He joined the local fitness center and finished with the 2.5kg. Start weights at the other end of the rack. For the next workout, he used 5 kg. and the following week 7.5 kg. Milo refused to use the same weights twice and ended up at the opposite end of the rack.

Milo got stronger the more he moved to the other side of the frame until he finally reached 50 kg. Arrived. Milo is now the guy in the fitness center, on the street, and of course on the beach, which is stared at by everyone and asked for advice.

Milo is an excellent example of what happens when you expose your muscles to greater resistance than they are used to; they get stronger and bigger.

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My version of progressive overload

Your muscles don’t feel like growing, and they would rather be lazy or watch TV all day. The only one who wants to become big and strong is you, not your body. Our bodies were designed to survive and not be strong or look good.

If you go to training and subject your body to the same exertion as last week, your muscles will laugh at you and say: “Nice try, did you want to challenge us like that?”

If you put your body under new stress, it will say: “Holy sh *** * e, what’s your problem? I never want to expose to such stress again, so I will wax to protect myself.”

You can compare it to sunbathing. Your body gets darker to protect yourself from the sun.

How to apply this principle

  1. Use 2.5 kg. more than last week
  2. Use the same weight as last week but do one additional rep
  3. Use the same weight for the same number of repetitions, but rest 15-30 seconds shorter
  4. Take two more seconds to lower the weight
  5. Move the same weight as last week in a larger range of motion (larger movement)
  6. Use the same weight and number of repetitions but do one more set

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The Pareto principle also applies here. 80% of your success comes with 20% of the tools available. Continue to expose your body to unusual stress or exertion, and your muscles have to adapt, in this case, gain muscle mass.

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