How to Jump Start Your Metabolism to Lose Weight – 2020

Hey there, I hope everyone is doing great! I have some excellent info for metabolism today. You know, one thing I hear a lot when we begin to work with people is the famous quote,

“I just have a slow metabolism, I will never be able to lose weight”

These are the same people who want to go to a weight loss center and take some magic pill to lose weight! Well, the truth is that some people do have faster metabolisms than others; but I am going to educate you on how you can switch your metabolism into fat-burning mode!

How to Jump-Start Your Metabolism to Lose Weight

Metabolism is a genetic variance in most people that determines the rate at which they can burn calories during times of activity and inactive periods throughout the day.

Physiologists at the forefront of the manner have determined that people fall into three distinct groups regarding how many calories a person will burn throughout the day; classifying them as Ectomorphic, Endomorphic, and Mesomorphic lifeforms.

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Ectomorphic people often maintain a body-fat percentage of less than 10% at all times and so appear extremely thin and often frail.

switch your metabolism into fat-burning mode
Image: How to Jump-Start Your Metabolism to Lose Weight

An Endomorphic Individual is an exact opposite, finding it hard to lose and even keep off unwanted body-fat. Sadly less than 1/3 of the United States falls into the Ectomorphic category meaning the other 70% of us are left with a medium to slow metabolic rates.

Putting this aside, anyone can increase their resting metabolic rates by using various techniques that have been proven time and time again to rev up the metabolism.

Task 1:

Everyday tasks such as parking your car a little further from the grocery store entrance can impact your metabolism in a big way over time.

Staying active is key to improving your metabolic rate and literally “forcing” your metabolism to burn through calories like an Ectomorph; even when you may be the extremist form of an Endomorph. Try some “Fat Burning Tips” for simple ways to turn up your metabolism!

Task 2:

Upon Rising in the Morning; Consume a meal that is high in protein and has a small amount of fast-digesting carbohydrates such as white bread or white rice. For most people, the right choice would be one whole egg and two egg whites; along with a piece of toast.

Task 3:

Throughout the rest of your day, consume slow-digesting carbohydrates that will promote a positive insulin response; resulting in a faster metabolic rate all day long. An excellent example of slow-digesting carbs would be oatmeal, brown rice, and sweet potatoes.

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Task 4:

When you go anywhere in your car, try parking as far away from your destination as possible. The extra walks to the entrance will build up over time, essentially training your metabolism to burn more calories.

Task 5:

Make an effort to perform a bout of cardio 2-5 times weekly for no more than 20-30 minutes. Keep the intensity high by picking the “interval” setting on the cardio machine.

Performing bouts of high-intensity cardio have been shown to elevate the resting metabolic rate for up to 24 hours after your workout session.

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This means that if you were to perform a high-intensity cardio session every other day; you would burn up to twice as many calories, as usual, all week long.

Finally, make an effort to invest in a proper training and nutrition program that can hold you accountable for your actions in both food choices and exercise selection.

Cardio alone accelerates weight loss; however, the fat-burning effects become even more impressive, coupled with weight training.


Like I said…these are five changes in your everyday life that you can begin to make today to boost your metabolism and Jump-Start Your Metabolism to Lose Weight.

However, regarding your training program; incorporating strength training to build lean muscle mass will skyrocket your metabolism; and turn your body into a fat-burning machine (however, that is a whole post in itself).

However, doing these five simple things alongside your training regimen can and will double, triple, and even quadruple your body transformation goals. No matter what your metabolic label may be, remember that you are in control of your metabolism; and the actions you take determine what your body will become.

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