How to Make Cardio Fun | Cardio in an Interesting Way – 2020

How many times have you heard “I hate cardio, it’s so boring”? Well, I also agree with that so I am here with the tips on how to make cardio fun. I would also say that trying to walk towards a television set on a treadmill or to crawl to death on a “bike” and having to look at yourself in the mirror all the time is pretty dull. In fact, I’m a staunch cardio hater myself.

Besides, long, regular cardio training isn’t exactly beneficial for fat burning. Regular cardio (at a steady pace) works against you over time as your body gets used to the exertion, and you burn fewer calories as a result.

Your body is a survivor, and it doesn’t want to use up all of its energy reserves (your body fat) if it doesn’t have to. Other than that, it adds little to nothing to your metabolism. I don’t think it can be any other exercise where you can read the newspaper or watch T.V. I don’t want to spoil the boring constant endurance training, but most people use it wrong.

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What’s the solution of the boring Cardio? or How to Make Cardio Fun

Sprint intervals or circuit training with weights or body-weight. Instead of spending half an hour at the same boring speed, you can integrate intervals into your endurance training.

That means you give full throttle for 1-2 minutes, then come back down to normal speed until you have recovered (about 1-2 minutes) and then give full throttle again. You can repeat this as often as you want or can.

Take it slow if you’ve never done this before. This type of exercise creates an immense need for oxygen and burns far more calories, even for up to 24 hours after the workout.

You can use the same principle for the other exercises. For example, instead of doing an abdominal exercise, then pausing and doing the next set for the stomach, you can jump from exercise to exercise without a break.

So from the stomach to the chest to biceps to triceps, repeat until all sets are done. The key is not to be distracted, not to chat with others, just concentrate on your workout.

If a station should be occupied, just skip it. The only break should be walking from machine to machine or exercise to exercise.

You can tell from your sweat and rapid breathing that you are doing it right and putting more strain on your body and burning more calories.

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So stop wasting time reading magazines in the fitness center and use the available time more effectively.

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How to Make Cardio Fun
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