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Why do you struggle to lift weights regularly? Why would anyone bother going to a fitness center? If you say something like “to improve my blood pressure”, “to relieve stress” or “to be a good role model”, I won’t buy it from you. I call these logical motivators. And here I give an answer on how to motivate someone to workout?

It is also not wrong to have such logical motivators; on the contrary, they are of great use to us – but let’s get realistic. You don’t go to fitness for several hours a week to improve your health. You-train based on emotional and irrational needs and fears.

You train to attract attractive people, isn’t it? Usually, the case that sexy people date or date sexy people? Of course, you need a body that looks good in clothes and even better without it.

How to motivate someone to workout?

I think every man knows that, to a certain extent, “bigger equals better” when it comes to an attractive body. It is not without reason that the media keep saying: “The better you look, the more attention you get from women”.

I firmly believe that those who know their irrational motivators can show a long-term success. In this case, muscle gain.

It’s been proven that the combination of well-proportioned muscle mass and minimal body fat percentage is a sign of fertility and shows that you have more testosterone than others (even if you don’t).

To look good naked shouldn’t be your motivation …

If we did a survey, we would look good naked, and many dates have the most irrational and emotional desire that why someone trains. There are, of course, other good reasons, but this would be the top answer.

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What is irrational and emotional motivator?

Here some examples:

  1. Not to be noticed by women when you walk through a club, but to be groped.
  2. To be able to wear clothes of any style.
  3. Getting women to tell you, “show my friends your six-pack!”
  4. Going out with someone different every night of the week
  5. Not to be ashamed of having to go to a pool party.
  6. Arms that almost tear your sleeves and a chest that doesn’t let your top button close
  7. Comments like, “Oh my god, look at him!”
  8. Not to die early so you can still travel with your grandchildren.
  9. Intimidating others so that they will avoid you when you walk by
  10. Making others jealous of what you’ve got
  11. Never have someone contradict you out of fear.
  12. Logical motivators
  13. Promote health
  14. Less stress
  15. Muscle building
  16. Good role model
  17. Balance to everyday life
  18. Clothes fit better
  19. More energy

Do you see the difference clearly, the irrational desires (compared to the fears) are conceited and superficial, I know, But who gets the better result?

The person with the foolish or logical motivators? Clearly, the ones with the irrational. The secret to getting a great body is figuring out the real why – whatever irrational fear or need is.

how to motivate someone to workout
Image: how to motivate someone to workout

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How to find out your irrational desires:

Ask yourself, “Why do I want to exercise?”
Possible answer: “To feel better.”

Then ask your answer.

Ask yourself, “Why do I want to feel better?”
Possible answer: “To be more productive at work …”

Then ask yourself your answer.

Ask yourself, “Why do I want to be more productive?”
Possible answer: “So that I can get promoted and earn more,”

and so on

“Why do I want to earn more money?”
“So that I can give my child a good education.”

Have you noticed how the reason for exercising went from a very logical to emotional fear, and the more you want to wonder why? The more honest you are with yourself, the faster you will get to your real reason for exercising.

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Your why will be the difference between success or failure. This topic is rarely mentioned in the bodybuilding world and can lead to Unstoppable Exercise Motivation in uncovering the truth about yourself. There is no right or wrong answer here. You just have to be honest with yourself.

So this is how you motivate someone to workout.

Now it’s your turn.

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