How to Shave a Beard | 18 Tips for the Irritation free Shave | 2020

There are a lot of men are suffering from burning, reddish and stinging skin after shaving. It is so irritating, isn’t it? I know it is. So here, I’ll give you every possible solution that helps you. Here I’ll give you 18 tips on how to shave a beard without irritation.

General Tips on How to Shave a Beard:

  1. Take a shower before shaving, or warm your face with a warm washcloth.
  2. Use plenty of warm water and shave in hot surroundings. Protect your skin with skin food or a pre-shave.
  3. Use a quality shaving brush (with badger hair) with good shaving cream or shaving soap.
  4. Apply the shaving foam with the shaving brush in a circular motion to lift the beard.
  5. Shave with the beard direction, never against the beard direction.
  6. Often wash the razor blade in warm water.
  7. Wash face thoroughly with cold water and dry it gently with a clean towel.
  8. After shaving, apply a moisturizer, aftershave, or skin food. 
  9. Avoid using alcohol-based products on the face after shaving.

The basic principles of wet shaving are art, it is not intuitive knowledge; so it is worth writing this article behind your ear and remembering the excellent advice.

By refining your technique and using the right quality products (which do not cost a fortune), you can make shaving a pleasant experience and not a 10-minute sour duty. Remember how the way you shave affects the way you look and not least how you feel comfortable.

The Techniques Behind the Excellent Shave

Hot water

The first essential things that must be present for a perfect shave are water and heat.

When the beard hair absorbs the hot water; it becomes softer and more comfortable to cut, and with the heat, the skin and facial muscles become more relaxed; which makes shaving so much easier – and therefore, the best time to shave is after a hot shower.

This reaction can also be achieved by soaking a washcloth or small towel in warm water and laying it on the face for thirty seconds or more.

Preparation of the face.

Those who want a particularly smooth shave, (or who have sensitive skin) should use a glycerin-based Skin Food or a pre-shave product, in the form of an oil or a gel. This protects the skin and helps the scraper to glide evenly all over the face.

Massage the skin food or pre-shave product into the beard. It also helps to lift the beard and make it ready for the shaving foam.

The foam (as delicious as whipped cream)

Shaving cream can be massaged into the beard with your fingers, but the best results are obtained when using a good-quality badger shaving-brush.

how to shave:- shaving tools.

When using shaving cream, place a modest amount in the palm (the size of a nut), dip the shaving brush in warm-water, and have a circular motion in the palm; you build up a delicious creamy foam on the shaving brush.

Moisten the face and again with a circular motion apply the shaving foam on the beard, the brush also helps lift the beard. It makes it easier for a razor to catch and cut off the stubble. The brush can be dipped lightly in warm water if more water is required in the foam.

If you use shaving soap, you also drop the shaving brush in warm water and use a similar circular-motion on the soap to create a rich and whipped foam-like shaving foam.


Use a good razor with a sharp razor blade (it is essential with a sharp blade) that has been heated in the sink or under hot running water, shave the face beard direction of growth, often rinse the razor blade with warm water.

Never shave against the direction of beard growth. Under challenging areas such as the chin and under the nose, the razor can be moved across the direction of growth, but never against.

direction of hair growth on beard

Going against the direction of beard growth can cause small cuts, razor burns, and red bumps. Rinse face thoroughly with cold water and pat dry with a soft, clean towel.


A good wet shave exfoliates and cleans the skin, leaving a smooth new skin with a healthy and clean look. After shaving, the skin is sensitive and needs to be protected from wind and weather, so for healthy skin, it is essential to use Aftershave or Skin-Food.

Those products containing alcohol should not be applied to the skin immediately after shaving as it may affect the skin and cause dryness. For best results, use cologne for ‘hot spots’ behind the earlobes and the sides of the neck.

Take care of shaving brush and razor

After shaving, rinse your shaving brush and razor thoroughly to remove soap and beard residue. Both parts are wiped off, and the shaving brush is gently beaten against a towel to remove excess water from the brushes.

The shaving brush works best if it is hung up in a stand so that the water can move away from the base of the hair. Do not store damp brooms in a closed cupboard or toiletry bag for long periods.

If your mountain bike breaks down, contact a bicycle blacksmith, and if you are ill, consult a doctor. So if you are looking for a super-smooth shave, then it is a good idea to read what the experts say.

I have found eighteen statements, mentioned by barbers and dermatologists. So here is a gem of wisdom to help you achieve great results with your shave.

18 Tips for the Ultimate and Irritation-free Shave.

how to shave a beard

1. Let your skin rest

Do you tend to have a “swollen face” when you get up early in the morning, so if you want fewer tears and cuts, give the skin at least ten minutes of rest before you start your shave, then you will have a better surface to work.

2. Cool-down a bit

To prepare the skin before shaving, you can cleanse the skin perfectly with a face-wash and warm-water. Avoid using too much hot water as this can over-dry the skin and cause irritation. It can even cause small blood vessels near the surface of the skin to rupture.

3. Give yourself a break.

Try to take at least one-day-off a week from shaving – it really helps the skin if you give it a break. When you shave next time, there is a tendency to get a super dense and smooth finish.

4. Shaving brush for your foam

A shaving brush is a good investment when it comes to shaving. The shaving brush is the best way to create a rich and creamy foam, but it also helps lift the stubble so that they are ready for shaving and exfoliates the skin and frees it from dead skin cells.

5. Make ‘slow and short’ your mantra.

Men who suffer from razor burn tend to be those who shave at 100 km / h and who use long; curved strokes with their razor, then gear down and shave with short strokes; the ideal is about 2 cm in length.

6. Apply in a circular motion

If you use your fingertips to apply shaving gel or shaving foam, do so in a circular-motion. Beard hair grows in different-directions, and by applying foam in circles, there is less risk of missing some areas.

applying shaving cream

Also, this method encourages the beard to “straighten” from the skin; making it easier for the razor to “catch” the stubble.

7. Lightly Pressed

Men take care to think that if they press harder; they will get a closer shave, but this is not the case. The razor is designed to work with relatively little pressure; so if you want to reduce irritation, you need to ease it.

It is essential to keep a light pressure so that the razor blade is in contact with the skin and let the edge do all the work for you.

8. Double up

For a super-smooth and close shave, apply a little shaving oil under your shaving cream/shaving soap.

9. Let the lip wait until the end.

The beard over the upper lip should be removed last. It is thicker than the other parts of the beard, and the longer the shaving cream has to soften the hair, the better.

10. Give your face a flannel towel.

If you want a truly comfortable shave, do so in a hot bath or shower – the steam will help open the hair follicles and soften the beard. Alternatively, a wet and warm flannel towel will have a similar effect.

11. Go with the flow.

Always shave with beard growth direction. If your hair grows sideways in places, still shave with growth direction. Never go against the direction of growth with a razor, as this can lead to skin irritation.

how to shave a beard

12. Switch to Oil if you are sensitive.

If you have slightly irritated and sensitive skin, it may be an idea to research the shaving medium (foam, gel, cream, soap) you use, as many are strongly alkaline in PH, which can cause sensitivity.

To minimize the problem, you can try an oil for shaving, which can be much friendlier for sensitive skin.

13. Try an evening shift.

If you suffer from itchy and red skin after shaving, you should shave before going to sleep (bed) and give your face 8-10 hours of rest. This is mainly good for those who wear buttoned shirts at work as they can often irritate freshly shaved skin.

14. Aloe-Vera gel

Due to frequent shaving, several men have facial skin sensitive and dry, so an application of Aloe Vera gel can help soothe and moisturize the skin and reduce irritation.

15. Pay attention to your leaves.

Always remember that the name of your razor blade is less critical than the condition it is in. Never use a dull razor-blade as it is hard on the skin and causes redness, irritation and gives a bad and uneven shave.

how to shave a beard

The moment you feel your razor blade is not working correctly, it should be replaced immediately. As a guide, if you shave every day, change the blade after 1 to 2 weeks of use, depending on the beard’s toughness.

16. Drop the alcohol-based aftershave

The high content of alcohol in the aftershave dries out the skin, increasing the risk of skin irritation after shaving. Instead, aftershave conditioner or moisturizer is used that will soothe the skin and restore the skin’s natural barrier.

17. Use ice.

The skin needs special care and attention after shaving. The use of an anti-inflammatory conditioner is always preferable, but if you have an area of ​​intense irritation then try rubbing it gently with an ice-cube.

18. Get tuition.

Most men have never learned how to shave. When the electric razor was introduced in the sixties, fathers stopped teaching their sons how to shave, and fewer men went to the barber.

Eighteen tips, One goal: the ultimate, irritation-free shave.


So, now you know how to shave perfectly without irritation and any type of burning and reddish skin. If you really like it then please share this article with your friend and let me know in the comment box, what your opinion.

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Thank You.

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