How to Shave Neck Beard | Top 8 Tips to shave “troublesome” neck

The neck can be a particularly troublesome and delicate area to shave. Some can’t get a close enough shave, while others are bothered by the razor leaving a burning, reddish and stinging throat with rips and ingrown hairs. Here are eight tips on how to shave neck beard and that helps you to shave your “troublesome” neck.

Map the growing direction of the beard 

There is no rule for the growing direction of the beard on the neck. It can grow in all directions. It can even grow in circular patterns. The first step to overcoming problems with shaving your neck is to understand and know how your beard grows on your neck.

Map showing the direction of growth of the beard
Map showing the direction of growth of the beard

To get that knowledge, you can make a map of your beard that charts the growing direction of the beard in the different areas of the neck. Using a mirror and gentle circular movements with your fingers, you can determine in which direction your beard is growing.

You note this on your map with arrows that symbolize the growing direction of the beard. The map will help you understand how to best shave around your neck in different areas.

Shave with the growing direction of the beard is one of the primary and most essential concepts in shaving. 

This is especially important (if you don’t know how to shave neck beard) in the first shaving session, while possibly the second and third sessions you can try to shave in the opposite direction.

Proper preparation: 

The proper preparation of the neck is often overlooked. Use copious amounts of warm water to soften the beard and be careful to clean the skin on the neck with soap. It should at least be a very mild soap.

If you have problems with ingrown hairs, use one of the products available for ingrown hairs.

Pre-Shave Oil: 

Some men have found that pre-shave oil or pre-shave gel on the neck helps reduce irritation.

Moisten your face, apply pre-shave and then apply your shaving foam. And of course, shaving foam touched by a good shaving soap or shaving cream.

Pre-shave oil or pre-shave gel gives you two essential benefits. It adds a protective layer to the skin that acts as a buffer between the sharp razor blade and the sensitive skin, and then it warms the skin so that the pores open and the beard softens.

When you massage pre-shave into the skin, it stimulates blood circulation and lifts the stubble on the face, which also contributes to a more relaxed and much more comfortable shave.

Use cold water for shaving: 

Idea – After proper preparation, use cold water for the shaving itself. Some men experience a significant reduction in skin irritation by using cold water for shaving. – Try it.

Use a Razor, Razor with a high-performance Blade: 

My recommendation is to use a Safety Razor also called DE Razor (DE = Double Edge), these are also available as adjustable models, for a gentler or more aggressive shave. Adjust it for a milder shave on the neck, and a more aggressive shave in the rest of the face.

An additional benefit is of course that razor blades for DE Razor are much cheaper than the regular many-cut models from Gillette, among others.

how to shave neck beard

One of the things you can do to reduce skin irritation further when shaving sensitive areas such as the neck is to combine a Safety Razor with a quality razor blade (for example, Derby).

A Safety Razor that only exposes the skin to high-performance one blade razor reduces the risk of skin irritation, compared to a multi-blade razor cartridge (like a Gillette Fusion) that exposes the skin to multiple blades.

However, it is not cut out of cardboard, and it requires individual experiments to find out what works best for the individual. So here you need to find out what works best for you.

The neck is not a flat area 

We must face it – the neck is not a flat area, the neck is an area of ​​curves and oblique angles. Try tilting your head back slightly, stretching the skin on your neck or tightening the skin up with your free hand during the actual shave.

Also, break short strokes with the razor, it can also help uncover the areas on the neck more consistently.

No pressure on Safety Razor 

And no pressure means no pressure! Let the razor do the work itself. That is why I always recommend a razor with a good weight, which fits well in hand.

After shaving

After shaving, apply cold water to the face, this closes the pores and reduces skin irritation. A shave should (must) always end with a good after-shave.

For men with dry and sensitive skin, it is recommended to use an after-shave conditioner or lotion after-shave is applied to the neck and face.

Have fun and a good shave.


So this is all about how to shave neck beard and I hope you get your answer, If yes then let me know in the comment box and like this article and also share it with your friends.

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