Impression According to Color | How Color Impacts On You | 2020

Color Matching is matters but what more matter is your confidence after wearing any cloths, Cloths according to the occasion; and what kind of impression you want to create in the mind of another person. So here I tell you the impression according to color, so stay tuned.

How to choose the right color for your skin tone

There are many skin tones but here I’ll divide it in main three skin tones,

  1. Fair skin tone
  2. Brown skin tone
  3. Dark skin tone

So these are the main skin tones and here I make it base and give you some color recommendations.

three skin tones

Fair Skin Tone

For fair skin tone, you can go for different dressing styles but too many light colors you have to avoid because your skin is fair so you have to make contrast so your primary colors are dark shade colors.

Brown Skin Tone

For brown skin tone, you are able to wear any kind of color and different dressing styles because your skin is brown so when you wear light colors then it makes a contrast and when you wear dark colors then it also makes contrast so you can go for any colors.

Dark Skin Tone

For dark skin tone, you can go for ‘not too much light’ and ‘not too much dark’ colors. When you go for dark colors then your skin tone matches with that and it’s not looking good. When you go for light colors then your skin tone will be highlighted and you don’t want that.

So you have to go for medium shade colors so you can make contrast and it looks good for your skin tone.

Impression According to Color

You know that the first impression is the last impression so you have to choose the right colors according to the occasion. Here I give you some colors that you can wear according to which type of impression you want to create in another person’s mind. And after that, we can go for 10 different dressing styles for men

When you wear a particular color then that color gives a different types vibes to the other person so let’s know which color gives which vibes,

Impression According to Color

Here I am not taking all the color but I cover major colors that you wear in daily life.

White Color

This color represents innocence and purity. White color is an ultimate neutral color because this color is like you can wear this color with anything and anyone can wear it. When you wear white color in layering then other colors get attention because of white color.

Black Color

The black color is like a black hole that means the black color is to absorb everything and gives you a slim-fit look. Black color stand for power, control, authenticity, and intelligence, and because of that most of the interviewer wear black color. And most of all leaders wear black color.

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Blue Color

The blue color is the so-called boy’s color. It represents calm, trust, and relaxation that’s why all the people suggest blue colored clothes when you go forgive an interview.

Yellow Color

The yellow color is a very eye-catching color. It represents happiness and hope. But remember, this color is hard to pull up so wear it at your own risk.

Green Color

When you see someone who wears green color then our subconscious mind thinks that this person connected with nature or he is very balanced in his life. So, green color represents nature and a well-balanced personality.

And the main benefit to wear this color is you can match this color with anyone that means this color is easy to wear. And this is also a neutral color.

Red Color

The red color is the ultimate eye-catching color. This color is a hack to get attention. When you wear red color then everyone must notice you. Red color represents power, strength, and romance.

Purple Color

Purple color is king color because it represents quality, power, and elegance. If you do not have any purple color in your collection then you must have to add this color because it gives you a rich and luxurious look.

Orange Color

Orange color gives you a different look than the crowd because you can notice that most of the people don’t wear it. This color represents you like you are carefree nature so you can also add this color in your outfits.

So, these all are basic colors, you can also go for their shades, and now let’s check out 10 different dressing styles for men.

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