Men’s Fashion Accessories That Will Never Go Out Of Style | 2020

If used well, men’s fashion accessories are an easy way to take your style game up a few notches but are warned to get it wrong; and you could be unnecessarily committing style suicide.

So, where to start? Well, first, you need to ask yourself, what is your aim in incorporating accessories into your look? Is it to make a statement? Pull together an outfit? Or something more practical such as needing a stylish way to carry your laptop around.

Once this is established, it gives the process of choosing your accessories purpose, making it a lot easier! We have broken the Accessories Guide aims into three sections to help guide you.

Making a statement!

If you want to use accessories to make a statement, it is essential to remember one key rule. Don’t go overboard! The use of color is one way this can be achieved; and a colorful tie or pocket square can transform an otherwise corporate-looking suit.

However, a bright orange tie, yellow pocket square; and the green watch strap are worn together to overpower the whole look; and the style statement you were trying to make will be clouded by the fact your outfit resembles a rainbow…….

Therefore our advice is that if you are going to use accessories to make a statement; use one accessory to do this!

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men's fashion accessories
Image: men’s fashion accessories

Pulling together an outfit!

The final piece of the puzzle, accessories are a great way to finish off a look, not stand out, look at me way, but subtle details can turn a good outfit into a great outfit.

Take watches, for example. A simply elegant dress watch paired with a black-tie outfit will complete the look and show that you value the importance of the small details.

Our general advice for using accessories to pull together a look is to focus on quality and try to match the accessory to the outfit.

Wear Your Watch With Pride!

A watch is one of the most important of all men’s fashion accessories.

That’s right, and a watch is not just for telling the time, it’s part of your look! How did this come about? In truth, it’s always been the case for watches are beautiful, complex, and stylish items, and they come in many shapes and sizes.

Watches have been worn by men for many centuries now, and the 21st century has seen a return to the classic look designer watch. Take the classic Tag Heuer Monaco, a redolent model of the best in 1960’s design, and one that has recently been revived in limited numbers. It’s cool, stylish, and very in-vogue.

If such specialist models are out of your price range, don’t worry, for there are much more affordable classic look watches to be found. One way of getting a vintage look is to buy vintage: look at online auction sites for older watches, and you can find some very stylish examples.

One thing to remember is this: gaudy, metallic straps are not a great look. Go for a plain metal watch with a leather strap. If you can, make sure you have different straps for matching with your shoes, belt, and clothes. You can look superb with the right watch on your wrist.

A favorite tip of ours is this: make sure you buy mechanical, a wind-up watch because it is a more sophisticated choice than one powered by a battery. Why not build up a collection of vintage watches?

Bags for Men – How to Do It Right!

The ‘man-bag’ never really caught on, did it? Touted as the totem of the metrosexual age, there was always something a bit too outré 

But is it really so off-track for a man to carry a bag? We think not, and here’s why: more and more people are buying the in-product of the moment, the tablet or e-Reader, and let’s face it, you need somewhere to put it when it’s not in use!

A man would not think twice about slinging a laptop bag over his shoulder to head to the office, so why not look for a smaller, more convenient bag for your iPad or Kindle? There are many smaller bags around, leftover from the man-bag craze that never was, and they look the part. Most are big enough for a tablet and more, and are surprisingly effective when coupled with your everyday attire!

There is plenty to be said for the return to the fore of men’s accessories, once seen as only the domain of the very daring younger man on the street, and we think that the rise of the iPad is the catalyst for a new selection of hip, happy and very stylish bags.

Are you man enough to carry one? Why shouldn’t you, given the convenience and style that comes with a sleek leather bag? You know it makes sense!

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Hats Make a Comeback

Take a look at a photograph from, let’s say, the 1930’s; find one with a crowd, an everyday crowd, and what is it you notice? Just about every man in the picture will be wearing a hat! That’s right, and hats were once an essential part of a daily outfit, so what has changed?

These days, the only hats you see are likely to be the common baseball caps favored by the day’s youth. You may have your own opinion on them, but we think them somewhat unsightly. What we have noticed is a return to favor of other styles of hat. Have a look around you next time you are in town, and pick out the few men who are sporting a neat trilby. It’s an excellent accessory for a smart-casual look, and in the summer is an acceptable fashion statement.

The trilby is not the only style around, but we think it the classiest of all. It is of the minute – timeless, in fact – and very stylish, and it goes great with a suit or just with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. You can find them in many online stores or on the high street, or if you are looking for the best, you can have them made to measure.

What we do know is this: hats of all kinds are making a comeback, and it’s time for the classy style of headgear to take over from the throwaway baseball cap. What are you waiting for – get to grips with this summer’s growing trend, and get a hat!


Whether it be a wallet, a briefcase, or a belt, the sentiment detailed above is echoed when choosing practical accessories.

Make sure they complement your outfit and don’t fall at the last hurdle by not placing importance on these men’s fashion accessories. Remember, gents, it is often these accessories that will leave a lasting impression!

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