Men’s Hair Care Tips | 25+ Effective Tips From the Expert | 2020

We know that our hairs play an important role in our style and our whole outlook so we have to protect it and care about it. So I am here with the best men’s hair care tips and tricks that help you to protect your hair and give you the best version of your hair. So if you want it then read this full article.

Actors and some models have very attractive hair and we wish that our hairs are also like that. You know one thing with proper hair care and with some products; we are also able to achieve that kind of soft and bouncy hair.

Men’s Hair Care tips that you have to follow in Daily routine

Daily routine Hair Care tips that you have to follow

Here I’ll give you some useful tips that you can use for proper hair care, and add those tips in your daily routine so you get what you want in your hair.

  1. Oil Your Hair (pre-shampoo routine)

    Oiling your hair is a good habit. I must recommend you to use warm oil. You have to oil your hair 1-2 times every week, do it at night, and in the morning wash your hair with shampoo. You can use coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, and castor oil, don’t use all but use one or two of them. Coconut oil is used to boost your hair growth. So this is what you have to do before shampoo your hair.

  2. Avoid warm water in shower

    When you go for a shower then avoid warm water because with that your hair gone damage so don’t use warm water use normal temperature water for shower. You can also use cold water for a bath because it is good for all over the body. Hot showers remove the natural oils from your hair and leave it dry and flaky. Cold showers are the best choice for you.

  3. Use Shampoo according your hair type- oily/dry

    If your hair is oily then you have to shampoo your hair 2-3 times in a week and your hair is dry then shampoo your hair 1-2 times in a week but make sure that oil your hair before shampoo. You can also use rice water or egg instead of shampoo because these are the natural products for your hair.

  4. Use conditioner after shampoo

    Your conditioner contains ingredients that decrease your hair fall and make your hair smooth and manageable if you have long hair. It protects your hair from environmental pollution. It also protects your hair when you use a blow dryer to dry your hair. So make sure to use conditioner after shampoo your hair and before using a blow dryer. So your hair stays protected.

  5. Decrease the usage of blow dryer and Hair styling products

    I don’t recommend you use a blow dryer to dry your hair. You can use a blow dryer on some days but make sure to use it after using a conditioner. Because it protects your hair from the heat. And also use a blow dryer after drying your hair with a towel. And also use fewer hair styling products because in the long term they are harmful to your hair. So use those products occasionally

  6. Use Hair sunscreen or Caps/hats

    Sunlight does not just affect your skin but it also affects your hair. If it is possible then use caps and hats to protect your hair from direct sunlight, If it is not then you can use hair sunscreen so when you go in sunlight, your hair is protected.

And other things you have to do is, stay away from stress, smoking, and alcohol because these things that impact negatively on your hair and whole body so STAY AWAY.

Understand Your Own Hair and Scalp

Foods that you should include in your diet for Healthy Hair

You Are What You Eat”.

Outside thing matters but inside things also matter so you have to take a proper diet for your healthy hair. Here I suggest some foods so include them in your daily meals.

Foods that you should include in your diet for Healthy Hair


Protein gives you a boost in your hair growth and best source of protein is egg and milk so include egg or milk or both in your diet

Vitamin C

Citrus fruits like lemon, lime, and orange are great sources of vitamin C. Vitamin C can boost the production of collagen that is important for the strength and growth of your hair.

Dry fruits and nuts

Add dry fruits in breakfast. This is a great idea because they contain omega-3 and fatty acids that nourish your hair and make thicken your hair.

Green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are the main source of iron and iron plays an important role in decreasing your hair loss.

Vitamin A

The carrot provides vitamin A. And that is essential for the production of the natural oil sebum. And that natural oil nourishes your hair. So must include it.


Avocado provides vitamin E and that is helping to maintain oil levels and pH balance on your scalp. And that is to ensure that the hair follicles do not clogged up and stop your hair growth.

Whole grains

Whole grains provide a range of nutrients, like iron, biotin, zinc, and B vitamins, which are very helpful for hair growth.


Don’t forget water and coconut water to add to your diet. This keeps the body hydrated. Coconut water contains electrolytes, which help move nutrients into the hair follicle cells. And drink water more and more.

So, this is all about foods that you should add in your diet in order to get healthy hair.


So this is all about men’s hair care tips and how you can care about your hair and get healthy hair. Here I give you all the tips for hair care and I also give you some foods that you can include in your diet so that you can get healthy hair.

If you experience constant hair fall or thinning hair then instead of reading articles on men’s hair care tips you have to consult a doctor to address the underlying cause of this problem.

I think this is a complete article about Hair Care. If you are satisfied with it then let me know in the comment box and please share this article with your friends.


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Q1: What Happens When You Don’t Take Care Of Your Hair?

If you don’t take care of your hair, it may stop growing after a point. Slowly, you may start experiencing dandruff, dryness, and dullness. And you can also face major hair fall problems so I must suggest you to take care of your hair as I mentioned in this article.

Q2: Is it better to let your hair air dry?

Yes, it is better to let your hair air dry as the heat from the blow dryer because blow dryer can damage your hair. You can use blow dryer occasionally if you want, you can also use heat protection creams and all but in my opinion, you have to dry your hair with a towel and use a hairdryer once in a while.

Q3: Does exercise stimulate hair growth?

Yes, exercise can stimulate hair growth because exercise means increased blood circulation across the body, including the face, head, and scalp. This results in healthy hair follicles. And, because of that, your hair growth increases, and your hair becomes healthy. So keep working out and exercise.

Q4: How Often Should Men Wash Their Hair?

It depends on how your hair is but Not every day, that’s for sure. Many men shampoo hair every day to eliminate oil. But the oil produced by the sebaceous glands to protect and waterproof hair and your skin. A dry scalp tells the sebaceous glands to produce more oil, creating a vicious cycle.

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