5 Muscle training Mistakes that lead you to big trouble – 2020

Many people does many mistakes while muscle training, if you don’t correct them then it gives you big trouble so read this full article to know more.

Mistake #1: Exercising too much

There is no need to exercise more than four days a week. Many people firmly believe that more is better, but these are the very ones who make little progress. Week after week, month after month, and year after year, they look the same and still use the same weights.

More training sooner or later leads to overtraining, which in turn leads to muscle and strength loss. Remember that your body needs to recover. It doesn’t grow during training, but afterward, and if you don’t give it time to recover, the opposite of what you intended will happen >> your body will shrink (enter a catabolic state).

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Mistake #2: Exercising too long

Often I go to fitness and finish before others have even reached halfway. I need half of your time and achieve double the result. So here again applies >> less is more.

You should know that your anabolic hormone production (muscle building) peaks in about 30 minutes. After 45 minutes, testosterone and growth hormone fall back to their basic values ​​and after an hour even lower. But that’s just a negative aspect.

Muscle training Mistakes
(Image: Muscle training Mistakes)

There is another hormone called cortisol (stress hormone), which is released after 45 minutes and skyrockets after 60 minutes.

Cortisol can attack muscle fibers and increase body fat. So try to keep your training as short and intense as possible with fewer or shorter breaks between repetitions and sets.

Mistake # 3: Under-stretching the muscles

Every time you set foot in the fitness center, you should beat your last performance >> progressive overload. If not, it’s a waste of time because if your muscles aren’t stimulated, they won’t grow either.

You have to shock your body and expose it to something that it was not used to before. This is the only way he will react and adapt to the exposed stress (higher weight, more repetitions) to prepare for it the next time.

Our bodies want to make things as easy as possible and prefer to stroll all day long, which is why it adapts to any circumstances as quickly as possible. So, in this case, it will get bigger and stronger.

Mistake #4: Eating too little

Many people underestimate this essential point, even though the concept would be straight-forward. You have to eat more calories than you can burn. You can only gain weight with a calorie surplus. The only question is whether you are gaining fat or muscle mass. To build muscle, you need to follow a clean eating plan.

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Mistake #5: Not getting enough sleep

While you sleep, your body relaxes and regenerates and thus builds muscles. Ideally, it would help if you slept 8 hours a night. If I haven’t slept enough, I take a little nap over lunch. Insufficient sleep harms your hormones. Your testosterone goes down, and your cortisol goes up.

Muscle training Mistakes
(Image: Muscle training Mistakes)

Testosterone is responsible for muscle growth for those who don’t know, and cortisol “eats” the muscles and increases the percentage of body fat. We want to avoid both as much as possible.

Lack of sleep also affects your insulin resistance, which means that your body has more trouble processing carbohydrates without storing fat.


Of course, there are many more sins that can affect your success, but I just wanted to go into the most common mistakes that can make a huge difference.

Ask yourself why it could be that you are not making any progress at the moment and analyze your training, eating behavior, and sleep.

I’m sure you could tweak one of these areas.

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