The Truth About Processed foods (Truth Revealed)

Tastes light, does not burden, ideal for in between – our milk bars

Because of this… it consists of 60% fat and sugar and is therefore extremely unhealthy. Food is tout these days with everything that has to do with health and wellbeing in some way. Sausages and sweets blend with vitamins, drinks suppose to be digestive, and margarine supposes to lower cholesterol levels.

Are we lucky that the food industry takes such good care of us …

… the industry can do a lot more. She can make fruit yogurt without fruit and meat soups without meat. How cool is that?

The food industry and manufacturers such as Ferrero, Nestlé and Co. seem to have magical powers. A lot is made of nothing (almost like the central banks).

Processed foods
Processed foods

Ferrero even received the golden cream puff for its Milchschnitte, an award from food watch for the most brazen advertising lie.

Fortunately, we can rely on state authorities that control everything and only want the best for us … unfortunately NO. These authorities precisely leave an enormous amount of leeway, which is not going to decrease in the foreseeable future.

E223, iron gluconate, dimethylpolysiloxane, E474, E901, sodium potassium tartrate, E1404

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Who can still keep track?

The package products adorn with terms such as fitness, healthy, without additives, and on a natural basis, and we can then safely reach the shelf without questioning anything … unfortunately, NO again.

But today’s foods contain far fewer additives than they used to, don’t they?

Appearances are deceptive. There is less E-something mention in the ingredients. It does not contain fewer additives because they simply mention with different names such as yeast extract instead of flavor enhancer, glutamate, glutamic acid, or E620-E625.

Only profit is in the foreground, and customers are left behind. It produces with as few resources as possible, and the end consumer gives a significant margin for this inferior product.

Processed foods
Processed foods

They even earn more money from meat waste. They process into sausages, roasts, and schnitzels … mhhhh

If you want to eat healthily, it is best to avoid industrially process foods, because they contain little or nothing of what is on the packaging or advertised – thanks to the legislation.

Stick to natural and proven foods like eggs, meat, whole grains, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. From these food sources, you get all the necessary nutrients, minerals, trace elements, and vitamins. Regional weekly markets cover these needs almost completely.

Stay natural

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