4 Beard Care Tips for Spring- 2020

Looking manlier, feeling more confident, protecting your face from the icy winds of the tundra. Men all over the world grow beards for different reasons, but regardless of the motives, there’s one thing in common – looking good doesn’t have to be hard.

Turn a new grooming leaf this spring with four spring beard care tips to keep you on top of that beard.

Shampoo that faces mane

One key mistake that bearded dudes the world over make are not shampooing their beards, or doing it the wrong way.

Firstly, you need to be shampooing your beard at least once every other day. Secondly, you shouldn’t be using regular shampoo on it, because all that’s going to do is cause you problems like white, flaky, beardruff problems.

Nobody wants to run their hands through their beard and be greeted by a white Christmas, especially in spring of all seasons.

For that reason, you should invest in some beard shampoo that’ll be kind to the skin underneath your face, which is distinctly less resilient and forgiving than your scalp. If you use the wrong kind of shampoo, the skin on your face is going to harbour a grudge that’ll take a long time to undo.

For this reason, take the initiative this spring to grab some beard shampoo to throw into your morning shower routine.

Keep it hydrated

After your shampoo routine, you’re going to want to give that freshly-exfoliated face something to work with. After my morning shower, I thoroughly dry my beard and apply one of my favourite beard oils, evenly distributing it throughout the hair and ensuring that it coats the skin underneath.

If you haven’t used beard oil before, you’ll notice the benefits after as little as one application and spring is a great time to start.

If you’re a frequent oil user like me, spring is a great time to try out some new ones and maybe even step it up into some of the more premium additions.

spring beard care tips
Spring beard care tips

Stay in control

There are two main ways to keep a firm hold of the reigns as far as controlling your beard goes, and both of them come with their own added benefits.

The first, and most obvious, one is by grabbing a high-quality beard comb or beard brush. These can be picked up online and will work wonders for keeping your beard in check.

On top of that, they’ll also help to improve blood circulation around your face, which will help to stimulate and support healthy hair growth. Pretty great, right?

Combing through your beard hair on a daily basis will also help to distribute any natural sebum oil produced by your hair follicles’ sebaceous glands. That doesn’t mean that you can’t add more yourself, however.

The second way to keep your beard under control, whilst simultaneously improving its condition, is by applying a high-quality beard balm each morning with your washing/grooming routine.

Think of beard balms as the lovechild of beard oil and beard wax. They’ll give you all of the hydrating, nourishing benefits of beard oil, coupled with the control of a good wax. As a bonus, they also usually smell pretty damn great.

Maintain a fine trim

The winter months are drawing to a close, and sadly, the unshaven mountain climber look isn’t going to cut it any more.

Of course, having a beard is all about expressing yourself and crafting a unique style, so if you want to shoot for the classic Grizzly Adams, we say go for it. We would advise, however, that you don’t let your beard accidentally slip into facial hair purgatory.

This is a dark place between styles where your beard is neither one nor the other and honestly, it doesn’t look great.

If you’re looking for a way to keep on top of your facial hair, there are several inexpensive trimmers you can pick up online that’ll get the job done.

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So there you have it – 4 spring beard care tips. Use these this season to show your facial hair some love, and it’ll show you some love right back.

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