Winter Beard Care | 4 Tips for Winter Beard Care Strategy – 2020

Winter is all around us, and unfortunately, it’s not very kind to our beards. When seasons change, so should your beard care routine. Winter months bring low humidity, cold air, and just nasty conditions for keeping a healthy beard.

These conditions dry out your beard and skin, weaken the hairs, and turn your beard into a mess if not cared for. We’ve got a couple of tips to help you protect against these conditions and keep your beard looking healthy.

Here are some winter beard care tips for your manly mane!

When to Use a Professional

If you’re not already using a local barber that has experience with beards, then it may be time to start using one. It’s more so important to make these visits during the winter. Let the professional take care of your beard before split ends and damage has occurred.

If you have any signs of split ends, it’s not too late to get it taken care of. Leaving your split ends alone will cause more damage. Potentially the hair can split down to the follicle and just fall out, whereas trimming away the damage will keep your beard looking sharp and healthy.

Hot Water Damage

It’s cold out… we get it. A nice hot shower is what you may look forward to after a long day, but you may not realize the beard damage you could be causing. The issue with hot water is that it strips the beard and skin of natural oils and causes dry, flaky skin.

We’re not saying to take a hot shower, but mix it up and take cooler showers to benefit your overall skin and beard condition.

Not to let water linger and dry on your beard hair, Letting the water dry naturally leaves behind harmful minerals from the majority of tap water. So, dry properly with a towel and use a couple of drops of your favorite beard oil.

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Ease Up on the shampoo-shampoo

Yes, it would be best if you washed your beard, but don’t use shampoo on your beard every time you shower. Overdoing it with shampoo also strips the natural oils from your beard. Shoot to use shampoo every 3rd shower for your beard.

All other nights you shower use a conditioner instead. A beard conditioner will provide a healthy clean to your beard while helping keep the hairs oiled. Try conditioner on the nights you don’t need shampoo and don’t use shampoo & conditioner on the same night.

Winter Beard Care
Winter Beard Care

The Golden Ticket

One of the best things I ever decided to do for my beard was to use beard oil. It is the golden ticket to a healthy beard. I use it year-round, but it’s extra helpful in the winter.

Applying a couple of drops after drying beard after a shower and a couple of drops in the morning before work helps keep my beard healthy. It combats the cold, dry air and brittle beard from the winter.

I highly recommend you give it a shot if you’ve never tried beard oil before. The longer and thicker the beard, the more drops it’ll take, but it shouldn’t take long to figure out the right amount for yourself.

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We hope these tips will help you through these colder months. As you can see, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to keep your beard healthy.

Just make some minor adjustments to your routine, and you’ll have a great looking beard all winter long.

If you’ve got some additional tips you’d like to share, please let us know with a comment.

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